Q: If you car is a rebuild can you still get a cash loan for your car?

A: You can still get cash for a rebuilt car however this will decrease the amount that can be loaned. Pawn companies don’t generally take in rebuilt cars and normally do code 1 or 2.

Q: If my car is kept by the pawn company will my vehicle be in use?

A: No your vehicle will not be in use it will be stored in a safe area at all times.

Q: How much can be loaned against a car?

A: The amount that can be loaned depends on the model of car as well as make and year and what the mileage is on the vehicle.

Q: How long can one pawn their car for?

A: You can pawn the car for as long as you need to there is no time period.

Q: Are you able to pawn your car at a pawn shop?

A: Yes you are able to pawn your car at a pawn shop, given all paper work is up to date and that all paper work is all corresponding with the car and owner.

Q: Can you pawn a car that still has finance on it?

A: No you cannot loan the cash from the pawn shop if there is still finance on the vehicle. The vehicle needs to be fully paid for.

Q: How do I go about pawning my car?

A: Contact Pawn My Car Roodepoort, give all the necessary details about the car and within an hour you will be able to know how much they can loan to you for your car.